Dolcezza art scarves are collectors items. Each season the Montreal-based fashion house licenses the use of pieces by international  artists to create art-to-wear. Their scarves will add personality and style to your wardrobe. Belgium artist Pol Ledent expresses his joy for life through painting. His  current style is abstract using bold colours as evident in "Still Life", (see inset image of original painting).

"I'm inspired by the rhythms and movement of nature, which form the poetry of my canvases."

Pol Ledent is a dedicated Belgian artist who has participated in exhibitions in Belgium, France and Taiwan. Creating figurative landscapes, still lifes and nudes as well as abstract works, and regularly jumping between the use of watercolour and oil, each painting of Ledent's appears thoughtful and engrossing, bright and balanced.


Item #71905


Dolcezza "Still Life" Scarf

  • 100% Viscose

    Hand wash, hang dry

    Dimensions: 32.5"X 65"