The print design of this dress "Moodie Mermaid" is by Olga Shvartsu, a self-taught artist from Washington, USA. Her passion is creating illustrations with splashes of color to evoke joy. Dolcezza Montreal then interpreted her art  as wearables. Crepon crinkle is a new fabric for Dolcezza.  The fabric will retain it's crinkled effect through washing as the texture is acheived in the weaving of the cloth.  You will like the way the fabric drapes without clinging and has stretch providing ease and comfort. Made of viscose which is a natural cellulose breathable fibre.

(Item # 22783)

Dolcezza "Moodie Mermaid" Crinkle Crepon Tank Dress

  • 100% Viscose

    Machine Wash/Hang Dry