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 "Insolite" – Bold print by Quebec artist, Nancy Cayouette, (See inset image of painting). The clours of Fall, shades of red, orange, yellow, wine and black in an abstract design. This is a new design by dolcezza. They took their ever-popular jean jacket and made it look like a vest layered over a black hoodie giving it an edgieryouthful vibe. Zip front closure with ribbed cuffs that are stiped in metallic red.

Nancy Cayouette is from the Saguenay region. She is a self-taught artist and her creative talent has been evident since childhood. At first, she drew, and then she began to discover the fascinating array of colors that opened her artistic mind. Little by little, she explored oil painting and continued to experiment. Through her work she conveys her feelings of the present moment. "Once completed, the work reflects who I am."


Dolcezza "Insolite" Hooded Jean Style Jacket 72667

  • 75% Cotton/ 15% Polyester/ 10% Elastane

    Machine Wash/Hang Dry

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