Based in Vancouver Canada, Leopards and Roses works closely with artists and artisans from the culturally rich regions of Nepal and the surrounding Himalayan areas to bring you beautiful and socially responsible clothing and accessories. Each garment is typically comprised of a multitude of fabrics and hand-printed patterns which are individually embroidered and appliqued.  This hand-crafted production means that each piece will be a unique expression of the talented artisans. Leopards & Roses' ethically produced apparel supports these communities, contributing positively to the livelihood of local artists as well as the global movement of fair-trade fashion.

Your purchase helps educate children in Nepal  Leopards and Roses is proud of their  Nepal Child Education Program. All children are drawn from families where at least one parent works in Factories that manufacture for Leopards & Roses.  They must be young enough to benefit from a full education and the family must be committed to seeing their child’s education through to completion. The chosen schools provide top level tutoring.  Armed with this kind of education the children will have every opportunity available to them upon graduation and even better, the capacity to give back to their community.